In today’s society technology is taking more and more place. Consequently, it allows teacher to use it more effectively in their classrooms. IPads are a great example of technology that can be integrated into our everyday teaching. Students love everything that is technology oriented and are often more motivated when we bring them new ways to learn with technology. Also, students feel more involved in their learning. That is why I chose to discuss the integration of IPads in the classroom after discussing the matter in class.

Using an IPad is great both for the teacher and the students. However, as teachers we have to remind ourselves of our pedagogical intention behind the activity we want to carry out. What is our intention? We do not look for an app that will teach “English” or “science”. Before we need to think about an activity that we would like to carry out with our students and only after we look for an app that will help us with the activity. As a result, activities will be created in order to develop a particular competence instead of simply doing an activity for no particular reason. IPads are limitless; they are thousands of possibilities to use them. Consequently, it is up to you to decide how you want to use them in your teaching.

Personally, I found various ways to use the IPads for my classes. Any usual task that we do in a normal classroom environment can also be carried out with an IPad. Whether it is writing, drawing, or creating videos, it can all be done with the help of an IPad. With a simple writing and document sharing app like Google Drive a lot can be done with the IPads. Any kind of activity can be done accordingly. Students simply answer or write on their personal IPad and the teacher can go correct directly on the same document afterwards.

I particularly enjoyed the iMovie app where students can create their own book trailer. It is a very dynamic activity that I think students will greatly enjoy doing. It consists of taking pictures of a book and adding questions or sentences to bring in the interest of the viewer. Audio soundtracks are added on top to add realism to the project. I think it is a great project to do with Grade 3 or 4 students since it helps them create short sentences and questions based on their understanding of the book. In addition, the result is concrete and students have the possibility to show it to the class or their parents. This website presents a teacher who decided to use IPads in order to publish her students’ poetry. As you can see, there are many ways to use the tool depending on what you want to do with it.

In addition, information is a lot easier to reach with the IPads since the students have direct access to Internet. Consequently, it is also a great resource that students can use when they are experiencing difficulty and the teacher is busy helping another student. As a result, students will become much more independent since they will be able to look for their answers easily with their IPads. However, the teacher needs to clarify right at the beginning of classes how the IPads will be used; for pedagogical purposes only. Consequently, make sure to specify that the taking of unnecessary pictures or videos is forbidden and point out the consequences that go with it. As a result, students will be aware that they cannot use the IPads how they want and will be more concerned about what they do with.

Overall, I think the IPads can really be useful in my classes as it allows students to be more independent and learn at the same time. If you look for specific apps depending on your field of specialization click here.

Here is a short video of a teacher sharing about his experience with the IPads. Also, here is a blog written by a teacher talking about his experience with IPads in his classroom. This, blog particularly help in my research on the subject. This forum of teachers discussing the issue of IPads in their classrooms helped me discuss the matter greatly since many have experienced the tool.


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