Google + Education = A Perfect Match


Nowadays, Google has become one of our everyday go to website. How could we live without Google? To be honest with you, I do not know how I would carry out a research without my beloved Google. And not surprisingly, I am probably not the only one who thinks this way. We all have become used to this tool because of its efficiency and fast research capacity. Then, why not use it for educational purposes as well? Different schools have tried it out and have seen the benefits of Google Education. For more information about schools that have started using the tool, here is a short video of people talking about their experience with Google which allowed me to know about their opinion about the tool and be more critical of it.

Google Calendar

First let’s talk about the Google calendar. The first time you look at it, you might think that it looks like a basic calendar, but let me explain to you how it could be useful for you and your class. Google Calendar creates the possibility to overlay calendars of various topics. So let’s say you have your school calendar with your different classes and material planned out and you want to see your full week. You can overlay your personal calendar on top of your school calendar to be able to see more clearly your free time. By doing so, planning either for a meeting or simply a personal activity will become much more efficient. In addition, you can share your school calendar with your students if you want and by doing so, it will become easier for them to keep track of the exams or assignments coming up.

Google Docs

The magic of Google Docs is infinite! I think it is a wonderful tool as it allows students to share their documents for peer review and more. By sharing their documents, students can comment or even have the possibility to edit it. Consequently, team work is much more efficient with only one internet document instead of many paper copies. With this tool, the excuse of “I’m sorry I lost my homework” cannot work, as I can go and check if they did it or not. Also, through the whole process I can go and look up the students’ work and make sure they understood properly. If I noticed some issues I can come back on it in class and make sure that every student is on the same level. Furthermore, this tool simplifies grading as I do not have to bring all the copies of my students back home. I only need to log on to my Google account and check my students’ documents. Moreover, we can say that it is an ecofriendly tool has it saves us the use of many paper copies and photocopies.

Google Quiz

In addition, with Google Docs there is the possibility to create small online quiz. You simply create the quiz and send it via Gmail to your students so they can answer it. After they have done the text, the answers are sent to you in a spread sheet where you can see all the answers of your students as well as the time they took it. Consequently, it is a more interactive and fun way for students to complete a quiz. I would mostly use it for comprehension quiz as I can create quizzes with answer choice and more.


As a teacher, I think that Google Education is one tool that I can use a lot. It allows me to save time, as I do not have to deal with forgotten homework anymore. Also, it gives my students the opportunity to work effectively with one another without having to meet on a frequent basis. Another important factor that makes me like this tool even more is the fact that it is totally safe, based on who you want to share your documents with. If I share my document with only one person, I know that nobody else but me and the person are allowed to see the document (information about the website’s safety has been found here). I am aware of the fact that students are sometimes quite shy to show their work to others. Consequently, even with the use of Google Education there is room for privacy and security of content. And let’s not forget that Google is a completely FREE tool which makes it even more appealing. It is an efficient tool for every one and most importantly it is also accessible for ANYONE who desires to use it with their school.

If you still struggle with the tool, watch this tutorial, it will explain it to you in detail the various ways to use it. In addition, this website can help you find useful and educational activities that can be carried out using Google Docs which helped me write this article.


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