The Magic of Prezi

Oral presentations can be quite boring at times, especially for teachers who have to listen carefully to every student’s presentations. Let’s forget all about the boring PowerPoints and let me present you Prezi.

Prezi is an online tool that helps you create attractive presentations. What is special about Prezi is the “zooming function”. You can drag from one point to another by zooming in or out to another point, by doing so it catches students’ attention more easily. In addition, students that are more visual will particularly like this tool because it favors visual learning with motion and colors. It can also be used as a visual learning tool for teacher as we can create our own documents to support what we want to explain. If you want to know more about how to start creating your own Prezi click here.


Another thing that is particularly fun about Prezi is the fact that it can be used collaboratively. Two students which are respectively at their home can work collaboratively on the same project with the help of Prezi. Whether it is only for brainstorming ideas or for their actual Prezi creation, they both can work on it simultaneously. In addition, what I particularly like about Prezi is the fact that it is an online tool, so no need to save it on a USB key and bring it to class. As we know students often tend to forget their USB key at home. With Prezi, problems like this won’t happen because they only need to log on to the website to access their Prezi.

I can hear other teachers tell me “I already have my PowerPoints, I don’t want to recreate all my documents on Prezi, it will take too much time!” I am glad to announce you that if you already have your PowerPoint documents, you can easily convert them into Prezi files with the PowerPoint import function on Prezi. Consequently, there is no reason not to use it now.

As a teacher, I gladly recommend this tool to my students because it allows oral presentations to be more interactive and fun which is often not the case. And most of all, my students can use this tool collaboratively if they have to work on team projects. I hope you know more about Prezi than you did before and that I might have convinced you in using it in your future class with your students.


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