Since my childhood I have always been fond of books, even to this day I like to spend my free time reading a good book. When I decided to become a teacher I always envisioned myself sharing my passion of literature and books with my future students. Recently, I discovered a tool that could help me reach this goal. It consists of a website called Basically, it is a website specialized in storytelling that can be used for education. On these two websites, you can learn more about what Storybird is and how you can use it in your classroom. Moreover, there is a possibility that allows teacher to create an account as a teacher which create interactive classes and allowing the administration of student accounts. What is even more appealing for teachers is the guaranty of online safety for children. Consequently, there is no fear of having students see anything inappropriate. For example, if the kids decide to publish their story publicly, the name of the child or the school that he or she is linked to, will not be named. As a teacher, I find it particularly important to know that my students can use this website safely.


I would mostly use this tool to evaluate or to practice competency 3(writes and produces text). By creating their own story, my students would be able to practice and improve their writing skills as well as being introduced to the writing process. Also, there is a possibility to use this tool in group, as one student can continue the story of his friend or give feedback. By working in team, students would have the possibility to learn cooperatively. Therefore, Storybird can be used in various forms for the purpose of different activities.

I particularly like this tool because it allows students to use their creativity as well as improving their ability to write text. And most of all, with the help of this tool they can create their own book which they can show to their parents after and feel proud of it. Consequently, I do recommend this tool to other teachers as it can be used for the creation of original projects.

If you would like to know more about Storybird, here is a video that teaches you how to use the tool. It helped me greatly to understand more fully how to use the tool as a beginner.


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